The Nirvana Rebirth Of The Internet + Stone Industry?

- Feb 06, 2018 -

Our lives have been imperceptibly infiltrated by the Internet. The rapid development of the mobile Internet also seems to allow all walks of life to see new hopes, and the stone industry is trying to transform the Internet with the help of the Internet. The prospect of the industry forum and a prospect place, whether it can make the stone industry, the phoenix rising from the ashes?

Admittedly, this year the real economy is difficult, fierce momentum in the ceramic tile industry especially the stone industry is under extension export can add to the end of the beginning of the stringent environmental protection policy, is that many enterprises started to add fuel to the flames, stone has become a problem. But what is the problem? It shows that the stone can be added to the Internet. It shows that the Internet + is the only way for the transformation of stone enterprises. We have to ponder, Internet plus the cake is not a bit of nothingness, through transformation of the Internet is not our wishful thinking?

I want to analyze whether the stone industry is suitable for the Internet from the following aspects.

First, whether the stone industry really exists the problem of overcapacity.

First of all, I say the excess capacity is relative surplus, that is, if there is excess capacity and oversupply of stone products compared with the demand of the whole market? This is easy to understand, look at the annual sales of tiles, and see the sales of stone. The wheel also does not get over the surplus of stone products. And see what the Internet can do? One of the advantages of the Internet is low cost docking market information and transaction for those industries that are overcapacity, so that traditional sales channels have been unable to digest excess products. The traditional sales channel that is saturated with overcapacity industry will cause another problem, price competition! The price of most industries can be quantified, and the quantified price fluctuation is very suitable for Internet display. The Internet can connect the buyers who care about the price with the suppliers seeking sales volume. But what about the stone industry? Is the sales channel saturated? I do not see, the problem is not in the marketing channels and in the market. It lies in the guidance and transformation of people's family concept, which is how to snatch market share from tiles and wood floors. What about the stone products? Can the color pattern of the product be quantified? Can the price be quantified? How much is Saanna a square meter? Eight hundred or three thousand? Can product quality and price be embodied quickly and reliably through the Internet? The answer is all negative! So do we use these advantages of the Internet again?

Two, whether the user feedback cycle of the stone products is suitable for the Internet

Another feature of the Internet is that the user's transaction and feedback cycle to the product is very short. Most of the goods we trade on the Internet will be able to make experience feedback in time after the goods arrive. In the Internet age, the user experience and the word of mouth is very important. The rapid spread of the Internet makes it easy to spread the experience of the user. The more the user experience spreads, the more transactions will be. How long does it take for the stone industry to complete a transaction? How long does it take for users to feed back the use of stone products? So the trading cycle of stone products and the use of feedback cycles are also not applicable to the Internet.

Three, the standardization of the stone industry

To a great extent, the display of stone products can not be figurative by parameters or data. Even with a series of data, such as water absorption, anti bending strength, compressive strength, density, and so on, it is not specific to such a display. In particular, color stone lines, as a pure natural product, there is no two pieces of stone as like as two peas. And the user is pursuing the natural stone color pattern, not your water absorption or compressive strength! How do you standard the color pattern of the product? And how to quantify it? There is the price, the front has already said, the difficulty of quantization is very great! And the Internet is the transmission of information, information is the use of standardized data to express, and stone products are difficult to do this! This makes it difficult for users to make decisions on stone products through the Internet.

Four, the consumption habits of stone products

The Chinese market is facing a huge consumption upgrade, the main body of this consumption upgrade is the large middle class. And stone as a kind of household materials, especially a more high-end, the middle class people on its consumption concept of what? First of all, it's absolutely different from fast food products. If you buy shoes online, you don't have to take much risk. Even if you buy them big or buy small ones, you can't go back to get a pair, or even quit. It doesn't matter. Because it can't make up much of the price! But how about decorating the house? A house can never be a small thing for a middle class family. How does the decoration be installed? Chinese style, European style, simple European family discussion day. Using ceramic tiles or marble? Open today's final decision, extravagance, marble! As a result, the owner went to the Taobao online. Do you think it's possible? It is clear that it is not the real thing, marble as a priority among priorities in the decoration materials, the owners will be to see the real, carefully selected, waffling! This consumption concept can not be changed, and the future we can see will not change.

Therefore, the stone industry and the Internet added to the soil for breeding, or to say, stone people to catch the Internet Nirvana rebirth, still need a new way!

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