Nanoglass, also known as glass ceramics, is a new high-grade decorative material. It is made of natural inorganic material, special technology and sintered at high temperature. It has no radiation, no water absorption, no corrosion, no oxidation, no fading. No color difference. It has no deformation, high intensity, high gloss and so on. The performance of Nanoglass is better than that of natural granite, marble, synthetic stone and artificial marble, which is related to its material composition and molding. Granite is composed of quartz, feldspar, mica and other particles. The hardness of quartz is very high, but the strength of mica is very low, which is limited by natural formation, and there is no strong binding material between particles. Therefore, the strength of granite is affected, and the spalling of surface particles reduces the gloss and smoothness of stones. Marble is sedimentary rock, and there is no melt binding material between the fine particles of marble, so the strength is lower. In addition, the main component of marble is calcium carbonate, and atmospheric carbon dioxide and chemical wet gas and acid rain will all corrode. Therefore, marble is not only easy to break, but also easy to stain. Artificial marble, synthetic stone is based on organic polymer resin, mixed with stone powder to suppress molding. Therefore, it is easy to wear, easily aging, faded, easily deformed after temperature change and low strength. Nanoglass is a main component of granite. It precipitates special crystal phase from high temperature glass liquid. Therefore, it has high hardness and strength, and in the process of forming two times of high temperature melting and setting, therefore, no natural stone formation of the texture, so it is not easy to break, water, and not afraid of erosion and pollution, gloss also high. After decoration, no color difference, alkali, spitting, and other phenomena. No maintenance and maintenance. In addition, natural stones, because of the natural formation of the process, are all different to the human body harmful radioactive elements (such as radon, radium), for a long time, there will be dizziness, body weakness, fatigue, infertility and other innominant diseases. In serious cases, it has a potential risk of causing human cancer. The Nanoglass is refined and analyzed by two high temperatures, so it doesn't contain any radioactive elements. The coloring of Nanoglass is made of metal oxide as a colorant and sintered at high temperature. Therefore, it will not fade and bright.