The Application And Art Of Granite Stone Carving Flowerpot

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Core hints: stone pots are also called cobblestones made of stone or cobblestone. It belongs to the creative flowerpot, the flowerpot is small, the volume is exquisite, and the flower can be put on the palm of the hand. Suitable for breeding succulents and miniature plants, with beautiful shape, has received a lot of love. The introduction of large stone flowerpots, natural granite stone made of various sculptures of stone carving pot products.

Natural granite granite flowerpot, granite flowerpot texture is hard and dense, high strength, weathering, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low water absorbency, beautiful color and color can still save more than 100 years, beautiful color.

The pot is gardening utensils, furnishings and utensils, as in the bottom of the small inverted conical or inverted pyramid shape, texture for granite stone.

Granite stone carving flowerpot and marble flowerpot are soft, beautiful, stately, elegant, with many colors, good rigidity, high hardness, strong abrasion resistance and small temperature deformation. It is easy to maintain and has long service life.

Stone flowerpots are mainly used for the decoration and beautification of the city. Its appearance increases the landscape of the city and enriches the spiritual enjoyment of the urban residents. As a part of the city, flower pots can exist alone and combine with buildings. They are not only built for beautifying the environment, but also reflect the spirit of the city.

Natural stone and stone flowerpots are made of stone carved flowerpots made of natural stones. They are lifelike and lifelike. They are suitable for residential areas, squares, gardens, hotels, schools, outdoor landscaping projects, etc.

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