Causes And Repair Measures For Blackening Of Quartz Stone Mesa Joints

- Feb 12, 2018 -

Besides the beauty and durability, the greatest advantage of quartz stone is that it is environmentally friendly. Now people's material life level is improving, so they pay more attention to environmental protection. Compared with the ordinary building materials filled with formaldehyde, the new artificial stone made by die casting is rapidly catching up the market of other decorative materials. Because the production process is different from other artificial stone products, it is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturer. The appearance of quartzite can avoid overexploitation of natural stones, but also absorb some abolished materials. Although quartz stone has a high price, its decorative effect is higher than other stones, and there is no color difference in large area.

With the continuous improvement of the national environmental requirements, many kinds of building materials have certain restrictions. As a strong support of the government, quartz stone is gradually entering into a family, and become the leader of cabinet mesa materials. Up to now, we are familiar with quartz stone products, such as cupboard counters, but many problems also happen on the cabinet counter. For example, the most disturbing problem is blackening.

Often the table is installed, and after a period of time, the joint will be gradually apparent. The cause of the blackening is the overdose of the curing agent and the blackening of the glue; in addition, the long-term oxidation of the glue in the air can also cause blackening. This is the case in most of the glue. The difference is only the length of the time and the depth of the color. This is why the quartz stone manufacturers will match the special glue. What is on the table in fabrication and installation of the processing master on lax, gap is too large, resulting in bleeding forever in the process of using table seam glue line become yellow and black.

The repair method can be polished by polishing machine, and then waxed and polished to spray varnish or varnish, but this method cannot be eradicated, and it needs regular waxing. The other is to find professional personnel to rejoin.

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