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Fine Life You Want, Does It Come True Already?

- Mar 27, 2018-

In the car Lawton journey, bravuras boring meeting, in a step by step at the negotiating table, tuibeihuanzhan Wine Bureau, in order to live and go, to the ideal and ramped up.

Only when you come home late at home, you can see the face of a loved one's sleeping children. Will it be true that the delicate life you want is really realized?

The people are tired in Western dress and leather shoes, unceasingly, when life is become the norm, what is the meaning of hard?

The famous fashion blogger Li Rebecca had passed such a philosophy of life:

"I have always thought that refinement is not only a surface, but also a delicate life where others can't see it. For example, if you dress your house well, even if you can only see it very often, the quality and confidence from inside and outside is written on your face.

In March, many home improvement plan has been put on the agenda, as the opportunity to do some small changes of living space, let happiness go up! This will give you a "fine list of life".

As an incomplete partition between the main entrance and the living room, the design of the entrance hall has various styles, which will make the daily life more convenient and even affect the decoration effect of the whole household space.

Marble unique landscape painting lines are good and Guadan solid wood furniture with white walls and heavy feeling, will fit with the blue and white porcelain, more new Chinese style fashion taste.

The word "porch", derived from Taoism, is not only used in the national life, but also often used in geomantic science. Geometry and the jade round wooden table together, so that tenants and guests entry, can feel the harmonious aesthetics of space.

Imagine a new 70 inch TV brand with wide range, wide color gamut, high resolution, covering the latest technology, but alone was hung in the white wall, will be how poor the monotonous.

To make up for the open space of the home space TV area, usually the owner or designer will choose different materials and styles as decoration materials to highlight the owner's interest and style. A good TV background wall is both the visual center of the house and the visual focus after entering the door.

In recent years, it is a good choice to make the elements of the big hot stone as the TV background wall. The unique, pure pattern of the natural material, the distribution of the color layer, the style of the European home, and the luxury of the whole space.

Of course, the marble TV background wall with different colors and patterns can be used in accordance with the height of the floor, the distance of the wall and the design of the soft wear. Grand and magnificent, dark green and brown yellow natural crisp, in contrast to the technology shaped, showing deep collocation skills.

Users who pursue exquisite life naturally do not let out any one of the details in their home decoration. A good set of sofa backdrops is essential to create a good effect on the house.

Similar to the design principle of the TV background wall, the reasons for the design and effect of the sofa background wall will be influenced by the floor height, the distance of the wall, the size and the number of sofa.

A single group of light gray cloth sofa with the log table angle, with the free and unrestrained texture of the marble background wall, the nature of the fresh and fresh expression of the incisively and vividly.

Of course, more users will complete selection of collocation home sofa, taking into account the certain area, sofa backdrop to keep the tone in the same color, texture or landscape painting can also be supplemented by the natural color of the spatial tuning effect of fight style, meet the users want to show life attitude and quality requirements from the background wall decoration.

Say so much, do you have a heart to the spring family?

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