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2018 Water Head Board Market Or A Big Outbreak

- Mar 26, 2018-

In 2017 the board market is like a dog show. The big board market is hot, and the competition of the market merchants is burning more than usual. A wave of stone dealers reflux, the original colleagues become their competitors, it is a person happy to be worried about.

And the story will continue in 2018, even more and more. The dismantling and restructuring of many markets showed that the continuous increase in the large board market has become a reality from the foresight.

In February, head of market has already emerged on the market several new faces, Ebuy quality market, Jinchang plate, plate market as far as the market opened, stone city merchants information city shop. Day one marbles grabbed the tail of 2017 and got the position of Xinhui Shun in the coastal industrial zone, and plans to build a high-end market in 2018. Sure, since March, the stone market will be again hot, fire and even last year. On the surface, the 2018 market environment will still be hot plate has become established fact, not only businesses eager for a fight, a lot of new Moliyixu also prepared to meet the challenge, and started the first war in the spring. Everything seems to be the best time, and no one wants to miss it.

The Benson boutique market

But what is the essence behind this? In the course of the interview, many stone people expressed worry about the market in 2018 and made a bold decision.

2018, the first half and the second half of the year, the big board market will be totally different two faces. In the first half of the year, the industry will continue to run normally, but there will be vicious competition and market change in the second half of the year. Starting from the source, a large number of purchasers pour into the mine at a time, and the chain reaction to the market caused by the increasing small traders should be on the alert.

The new market is on the rise, and those "old markets" and "old merchants" have become the number one task of consolidating the original market influence.

China and Fujian stone business city, can be said to be the most inspiring stone market in the big board market. From the successful transformation of jade sinks to the final establishment of high-end market procurement center, which integrates jade, luxury stone, high-end marble and landscape painting, the image and reputation of China and Fujian have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The marble zone, which was launched in May last year, is not only quickly rented out, but has also accumulated a large number of passenger flows since the opening of the marbles. The jade exchange also maintained a record of three years of business retention rate of 98%, and racking his head to enter the jade trader has never stopped.

The stone in the Fujian city

However, Chen Shaobo, the director of the business city of China and Fujian stone business city, can not feel relaxed. In the market every day, while seeing the busy atmosphere of the market, his thinking has been running continuously.

"In the current market environment, when the shelves are rented, they should be more strict in choosing merchants, so that they can't be vulnerable when the industry is at a low tide. As Chen Shaobo said. Obviously, he was cautious, seeing the hot market and seeing the hot water after a long time.

It is foreseeable that the market will encounter two shocks this year. The first is the stock coming into the market from the point of material in the mine. It is possible that part of the business will start to survive in May and June, and the price war and the price cut will intensify. Then, when the flood is hot, the second wave will be aggravated. In Chen Shaobo's view, these people from the field are more comprehensive. Many people also went out from the water head to do wholesale trade, development and processing, engineering and so on, and most of the trade done by water head is single business. Not only that, but these reclaimed stone merchants are well known for their large number of large board markets, because they are always buying at the head of water, and how to find the most suitable platform for them with the fastest speed.

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